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Salamander Revisor BlackSalamander Revisor Blue
CKS Wave Logo Cam Strap
NRS CKS Wave Logo Cam Strap
From $3.99
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Cottonmouth Noseplugs
NRS Tuff SacksNRS Tuff Sacks
NRS NRS Tuff Sacks
From $19.95
Astral Brewer 2.0 Men's Water ShoesAstral Brewer 2.0 Men's Water Shoes
Shred Ready Super Scrappy Whitewater HelmetShred Ready Super Scrappy Whitewater Helmet
Hala 9" StompfinHala 9" Stompfin

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Tips for Rafting with Two People (R2)

We believe the saying goes "two is better than one."

R2 Down Fish Creek

On May 22, 2020 local paddlers Luke Cutler and Shawn McFarland manned a small raft down Fish Creek in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This was the first R2 descent of this technical creek.

Boater Tips: Cleaning and Treating your Inflatables

Make your boat last longer. How to clean and treat your inflatables in 3 easy steps.