The Astral Brewer for SUP

If I could describe the Astral Brewer shoes in one word, it would be…..STICKY! I have never owned a pair of river shoes as sticky as the Brewers. When I don’t have to be working you will find me stand up paddling. This review is from a SUP standpoint:


When Aaron says that he is SUP’ing when he is not working – he is not kidding. He gets dressed at work – and gets in the water as soon as he’s done. Talk about getting after it!


The Astral Brewer is a stiff, low profile shoe that STICKS to the board. It truly is a perfect combination of features for SUP.


Aaron likes “bomb drops” – another time that it is nice to have a sticky sole.

SUP is evolving in such a way that the class 4-5 extreme paddlers will become fewer and fewer. Class 2-3 will be our playground for squirts, rock runs, splats and bomb drops. Unlike in kayaking , where you sit 50% of the time, SUP shoes are important 100% of the time. We ARE standing up! The Astral Brewer dries fast, and has a stiff sole that allows you to feel the board better than any shoe I have tried. Your foot is completely protected, unlike sandals. If you want to lounge around in them, the Brewers have a fold down heel for instant slip ons! Normally i use surf wax on the nose of my inflatable boards, The Stealth outsole gives me good grip all the way to the nose.


  • Sticky!…I already said that.
  • Drain and dry FAST!
  • Stiff sole so you can feel the board.
  • Great foot protection.


Low volume and Zero Drop design makes the Astral Brewer not as clunky feeling as other brands of river lifestyle shoes.


  • Sand comes in..sand goes out.
  • They don’t come in bright RED!


Testing the limits of the new NRS inflatable SUP.

I’m off to Mexico next week and the Brewers are the only shoes i’m packing. They are even stylish enough for Christmas dinner.
Until next time..aaron

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