Do You have The Balls To Go All Day?

Kep’s Balls are a natural food source that can be used as a high octane energy bar. They are great for people that like the effects of Red Bull and other energy drinks, but with out all of the chemicals. They are powered with bee pollen, and other natural ingredients. These mysterious “balls” (click here to see what is in the balls) have had a cult following in The Arkansas Valley for a few years. One day, Kep found himself going out to meet a friend, and making a deal on a street corner (“slinging some balls” as he calls it), and thought “hmmmm…maybe I can start selling these things.” This was the inception of The Kep’s Balls Empire.

Kep-the man behind the balls (and bees).

Over the past few months Kep has managed to rally a crew of world class athletes to be part of his team. World downhill bike racing champs, one of the most bad ass woman’s endurance bike racers in the US, and Nicole Duke, a stand up paddling and cycle cross hero from Colorado.

Sik Mik Hannah is the real deal, and a fan of Kep's Balls.

Eszter is faster than most of the guys out there. She CRUSHED the women's record for the CO Trail Race this past year.

Nicole Duke charges hard on a SUP and on her cycle X bike.


  • The minerals in Kep’s Balls are very digestible because they come from plants. This is food in it’s simplest form, not a synthetic ingredient.
  • Tasty.
  • Small in size, which means that you can eat it in one bite if you are racing or on the go.
  • ENERGY! You will have natural sustained endurance energy. Eat one of these suckers before a 35 mile bike ride on The Monarch Crest, or a long day on the river.
  • Kep’s Balls are a great emergency food source because they are small, light weight, and provide tons of energy
  • Appetite suppressant (natural) . Again, great for all day endurance exercise. You don’t need to eat a huge breakfast burrito before exercise, just pound a Keps Ball.


  • Chocolate melts. No biggie. There is no paraphin wax in these, so it does melt for good reasons.
  • People w/ seasonal allergies be aware of bee pollen and nuts. Try a small bite at first, if you are not sure if you have these allergies.
  • Not for everyone. These are a high energy food source. If you are a fan of energy drinks but don’t like the dirty high, crash, and synthetic feel in general…Kep’s Balls are for YOU!!!!


In Colorado, Kep’s Balls have a cult following. The active professional athlete population here (Mik Hannah, Esther, Kep, etc) demands an active food source; something that does not allow you to “coffee bonk”. These energy balls are certainly not for everyone, but do have their niche. Adrenaline junkies will love Kep’s balls.

Mik Hannah going to work.

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