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It seems like everyone has their own FaceBook page these days. Heck, even my high school math teacher has his own fractional share of cyber-real estate, and occasionally leaves messages for me on my “wall”. Tag me bro!

Here at CKS, we were trying to think of something cool to do with our little slice of the interweb, and decided that we would have a photo contest. Everyone likes a little kayak porn every once in while right? Whitewater kayaking is such a visually stunning sport, why not promote the beauty of the natural world with a $50 cash prize (store credit actually).

We had 3 categories; Lifestyle, Women’s paddling and Men’s paddling. Here are the winning photos and the runner-ups. To make the voting process fair, I picked out the top 6-7 photos in each category and emailed them to our staff, and some friends. I did not mention who took the photo, or who was paddling in it. The votes were purely based on which picture looked the best.These are the results.


Lifestyle photo winner Tohicken 11/09 -Photo submitted by Regina Nicolardi

Lifestyle Photo Runner up #1."Freakin' Sweet!" - Heading to the river- Photo submitted by Mike Konschnik

Lifestyle Photo Runner up #2."Hiking back to camp after a day on the Futa"-Photo submitted by Atom Crawford

Lifestyle Photo Runner up #3."Rafting style"- Photo submitted by Atom Crawford

Women’s paddling :

Women's paddling winner.Becky Jarman- Whiteline-Cache La Poudre Upper Narrows-Photo submitted by Mike Konschnik

Women's paddling runner up #1. "Liz Fincher running her 1st waterfall in her Jackson Fun!"-Photo submitted by Mike Konschnik

Women's paddling runner up #2."California somewhere"-Photo submitted by Nicole Mansfield

Men’s paddling :

Men's paddling winner.Boating the Agua Azul into the Futa.-Photo submitted by Atom Crawford

Men's paddling Runner Up #1.Nathan Sass on "Pummel, MD Lines Great Falls-Photo submitted by Mike Konschnik

Men's paddling Runner Up #2.Nick Wigston, Gore Canyon, 3500 cfs- Photo submitted by Tommy Hilleke

Men's paddling Runner Up #3 Alex brantley doing what he does best-Photo submitted by Clay Lucas

Other noteworthy photos:

Another morning on the selway-Photo submitted by Atom Crawford

Russel Fork River-Photo submitted by Casey Cunningham

Scouting Terminator on the Futa-Photo submitted by Crawford

Classic Memories... heading to OBJ-Photo submitted by Mike Konschnik

and last, but certainly not least…

Fishing for?-Photo submitted by Atom Crawford

When you are finished looking at the photo above, be sure to check out our CKS FaceBook page for more contests and special events!

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