You could be as happy as Stephen Wright at CKS PaddleFest. You're invited to a great weekend of paddling and social events.

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“What is the Colorado Kayak Supply Paddlefest?”  We’re asking community and international kayakers exactly that, what paddlefest is to them.

In this article we spoke with Jackson Kayak’s Stephen Wright.  Stephen enjoys the rodeo boater tour lifestyle where he regularly medals in both freestyle and extreme events.  Each event providing him with opportunities to paddle with great kayakers and explore new rivers.  The JK ambassador is also the world’s bronze medallist is freestyle kayaking, and has coached world champion youth kayakers via the Keeners and New River Academy kayak programs.

Stephen states, “Paddlefest is an opportunity for kayakers to enjoy reduced sale     prices at the shop and to take clinics from some of the world’s best kayakers.  The best part is to paddle with friends.  This weekend the weather is great, we have good water levels.  So c’mon out to be a part of an exciting event.  I’d love to paddle and hang out with you.”

Stephen Wright’s Jackson Kayak Profile

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By David Hughes

CKS Content Media Specialist

Owner- Pucon Kayak Hostel, your economical Chile destination with beds, kayak rentals, and beginner to advanced rivers.  “Keep Kayaking.”

Director- Huge Experiences’ New River Academy, “And that has made all the difference.”

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