AT2 Whitewater Paddle Review By Fred Norquist

By far one of my favorite pieces of equipment is my AT2 paddle. Whether I’m out for a quick play session, or running some big rapids, the feel of an AT2 in my hand gets me stoked to get on the water. The natural grip and power that comes with this paddle makes me confident when I slide into the water. Using anything else just isn’t the same.



  • Great feeling Grip
  • Powerful blades
  • Light and Sexy

Does the AT2 creek well?Jake on Toepper's drop in CB.

Can you throw down with the AT2? Alex Hotze on M-Wave.


  • All brands of paddles break. Bring your breakdown.

Fred on one of the Yule Creek slides.

The Verdict:

The Adventure Technology AT2 is a solid paddle for a lot of reasons. It has confidence inspiring bent shaft grips, and foam core blades that will help get the paddle out of the water and cause you to be able to roll and brace easier. Most importantly, the paddle is dead sexy…Curvy and smooth. It’s got power, but not too much (if you want bigger blades get the ATX or AT4 River) which is good for a variety of paddling ranging from creeking to rodeo. The blades are carbon with a foam core and Dynell tips. It ‘s strong and durable for a foam core paddle. There’s a good reason that so many people swear by this blade. The AT2 is not a cheap paddle, but in the end, you get what you pay for.

Powerful blades for big water in Barrel Springs on the Colorado.

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