• Zeta and more width and a rounder feel. It wraps around and feels snug with a lot of adjustability.
  • Strutter has a slightly more narrow fit. It comes with different size pads that you can install to adjust it down, and you can take all the pads out for a wider fit. It is versatile in its size range.
Steph rockin’ the ZETA. Photo Credit Kate Diamond.


Nadia rockin’ the STRUTTER. Photo Credit Heather Jackson.


  • Both helmets are top of the line in safety technology. They are low in protective area as in their nature and good helmets for lower class whitewater. Strutter has a more concaved edge. It wraps down around the back of your head, getting a little more coverage then the Zeta. The Zeta makes up for this by having more distance between you head and wear the helmet ends. This creates a larger lip around the helmet and gives more space between you and the rocks.

All in all, these are both fantastic class I-IV helmets. They are top of the line in safety for their coverage and made by renowned companies. Choosing between them comes down to your style and head shape. A rounder head should go with the Zeta and a narrow head should go with the Strutter. Don’t forget to let your style make the decision for you because it’s really all about looking good on the river.

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