Photos are coming in from this spring in Colorado. When you mix together 3000 + CFS on the Arkansas River, four of the best paddlers in the world, and a few Jackson All Stars this is what you get:

Dustin Urban on #1.5

Jed Selby Tearing it up on #1.5

Stephen Wright at The Salida Hole- FIBArk 2008 (Photo Credit:Jessica Yurtinus)

Nope. Not the Ark...Stephen Wright on Mini-Bus(Ottawa) (Photo by Nick troutman).

Andre at #1.5

Big Water on Pine Creek. Jed Selby.

These guys could all get 3 feet of air blunting a plastic sea kayak in a swimming pool, so it’s pretty cool to see what they can do in a kickass play boat in prime conditions. Check out this You Tube Link to more Jackson footy at the Glenwood WW Park (Spring 2008), and then some mellow floatin’ down the death… Barrel Springs on the Colorado at super high flow (10,000cfs+). You gotta love the All Star.

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