Kokatat Ronin Pro Rescue PFD Review

Kokatat’s much anticipated Ronin Pro PFD has finally been released to the United States. The Ronin is an extremely well designed vest and is being introduced at a critical time. Our paddling community was in need of diversity and greater selection in rescue live vests and the Ronin is now available to help satisfy the need for another highly capable rescue vest.



  • High neck and Spinal protection! A must when you’re running the unknown upside-down and backwards. Whether you’re paddling class II or V, you’ll never know where that career ending rock may be lurking.
  • Throw bag (i.e. body bag) capable front pocket. Don’t sacrifice the teams safety after you’ve found yourself separated from your all important plastic craft and all your safety gear is down the drink. Carry a Body Bag in your Ronin Pro so you can offer your paddling partners a line to safety when they’re about to swim out off the same feature that had you swimming moments before.
  • Are you new to kayaking and don’t need all the bells and whistles of a rescue vest? Buy the Ronin version and get all the great attributes of the Ronin Pro, minus the rescue harness.


  • After my little rant on the Body Bag, the Ronin Pro’s body bag’s pocket could be a bit larger for easier access. So buy an Astral throw rope and prefect your stuffing skills.

First Ever Embudo Fest Update from Lunch Video Magazine on Vimeo. Check out Evan’s Team about half way through the video.They (Evan, Tim Kelton and Rolf Kelly) went on to win the race.

The Verdict:

Our paddling community was in need of diversity in the category of well designed rescue PFD’s and the Ronin Pro satisfies this with its high back protection and a body bag capable front pocket.

If you are interested in learning more about Evan’s expedition to Mexico, click here. He’s got some killer ski mountaineering trip reports too. Never a dull moment :


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