The Kokatat Rogue Dry Top Review

I got my first Rogue Dry Top a couple of years ago. It has by far outlasted any other dry top I have ever had. Hand made in Arcata California, Kokatat gear is tested for craftsmanship and durability as it moves through the production line. As a result, seams are impenetrable and every piece of gear is built to last. Made of four different GORE-TEX laminates the Rogue dry top is dryer than most tops without any compromise in durability. The Rogue top feels light and well fitted – a paddler encounters no resistance or rubbing on the shoulders or elbows. Also a larger Velcro patch on the front of the top makes sure you have a bomber seal keeping as much water out of your boat as possible. Handy reflective strips even make for safe and effective night hitchhiking when the shuttle rages out of control! Kokatat seems to have thought of everything.

Crazy Woman Creek.


  • Light and well fitted.
  • Stretchy neck cover is not bulky yet keeps gaskets well protected from UV rays.
  • Very little Velcro to rot and blow out.
  • Sprayskirt seal from both sides keeps the top from bunching up.
  • Kokatat will reseal holes in your top for a bargain price!


  • On the more expensive side.
  • Pocket location can interfere with lifejacket comfort (who needs to use that pocket anyway?)
  • Since there is very little wrong with it this Dry Top can be hard to review.

Cold air and cold water. Rogue time.


The verdict is simple. Nothing can mach this Dry Top for comfort, durability, and function (not to mention fashion). Having Kokotat gear is well worth the investment, especially considering their solid warranty policy. Nobody wants to be the cold guy with the cheesy dry top. Get yourself a Rogue.

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