A Pyranha Burn Review By Nicole Mansfield

Bummed that Pyranha stopped producing the M3 creekboat, I never wanted to sell my second M3 because I was convinced I would never find another perfect creek boat. I had heard skepticism from people about using a creek boat with edges, but after paddling the Pyranha Burn once, I knew I did not want any other creeker. I had found my new boat. I LOVE the Pyranha Burn because it excels equally at paddling steep, low volume creeks and high volume, pushy water.

Jared Seiler on Gorilla







Paddler Weight



Burn S



37.4 lbs

36 ¾”


63 GAL

99-209 lbs

Burn M


25 ¾”


36 ¾”

19 ½”

72.6 GAL

121-231 lbs

Burn L


26 ¼”

44 lbs

36 ¾”

19 ½”

80 GAL

165-279 lbs


  • Maneuvers easily; even when loaded with overnight gear
  • Boofs great
  • Excellent tracking; making it great at ferrying, peeling out of boiling eddies, and paddling through pushy water
  • Fast
  • Rolls easily
  • Nice outfitting that is comfortable and reliable
  • Durable plastic shell

Nicole and Dave Fusilli Burning one down on the North Fork of The Blackwater


  • Fun to surf and spin, but if I wanted to do any other tricks, a playboat or a freerunner would be more suitable.

The Verdict:

The Pyranha Burn is the perfect boat for everyone. It is a great for the beginner looking for a forgiving, easy rolling boat, the river runner looking for something stable and fast, and the experienced creek boater looking for a reliable, high performance boat for any river.

Here’s a cool You Tube clip from The Devils Punchbowls (South Fork of The Crystal River) made by a few CKS Squad members. Check out Nicole’s run at the end of the video. She cleans her line, switch. Click here to read the CKS blog review of this amazing drop!

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