Pyranha Molan Review With Nicole Mansfield

Well, after a season of using the new Pyranha Molan, I am still as stoked on it as I was the first day. The Molan has proven itself to be an incredible playboat. I’ve used it river running, surfing both big and little waves, and playboating in holes and in all these features, the Molan shines. A little longer than the new Star, the Molan is a better river runner with the extra length making it faster and more stable for making moves. Wavewheels, macho moves, splats, and stern squirts are a lot of fun in this boat. In holes the Molan goes HUGE. Loops are effortless and big, and cartwheels come around easy. Carthweeling is another trick where the slight extra length is a benefit. Surfing waves is definitely when I become most excited to be using a Molan. The boat is fast, spins effortlessly, and releases with ease. The boat is super loose, but still has a little bit of an edge for tracking and carving. On big waves the Molan gives you big air. On little waves it is super easy to throw around and blunt. After using the Molan for just one summer, I have learned so many new wave tricks.

Graham Seiler at The Teva Mountain Games

I have heard comments that the boat is narrow. Personally I do not find this a problem, but rather an advantage. The narrower width allows the boat to easily make edge transitions and therefore effortlessly perform tricks. It also makes Molans easy to roll. If when paddling the Molan it initially feels narrow, give it another 5 minutes and I’ll bet you will be accustomed to it.

Craig Kleckner at The Glenwood Wave.

Another aspect of the Molan that I am impressed with is how comfortable it is. The Molan is by far the shortest playboat I have used, but somehow it also provides the most amount of foot room. Most other playboats cut my feet up, but in the Molan I can wear booties. The rest of the outfitting is of the typical high quality materials you can expect from a Pyranha kayak.

Jared Seiler airing out a skookumchuck


  • Easy to Roll
  • Comfortable with ample foot room
  • Stable river runner
  • Fast and loose on a wave
  • Goes huge in holes

Jeremy Laucks in Missoula on Brennan's Wave


  • Pyranha hasn’t made a carbon version yet

Jared Seiler ready to launch in Glenwood

The Verdict:

Pyranha is not as notorious as Jackson or Wavesport in freestyle designs and after years of a lack luster playboat, people might be reluctant to try the Molan. But, toss aside any preconceived notions of Pyranha playboats because the Molan is amazing and deserves a top spot in the freestyle market.

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