SixSixOne (661) Race Elbow Pad Review

Creeking with elbow pads is more fun. I look at a couple of things in an elbow pad: hard plastic shell, adjustability, & durability. Focus on your boating not your elbow pad. The Six Six One is sweet.



  • Hard Plastic for impact
  • Strong adjustability
  • Well made

Next Generation rapid way down in the Black Canyon. Good place for some elbow protection.Photo:Dan Piano


  • They run a little small

The Verdict:

If your in the market for a new elbow pad make sure you check these out. Six Six One has been around forever and knows how to make quality elbow pads. If you want to keep your elbows protected with out annoying adjustments while you paddle then give them a try.

Kevin Thompson on Stupid Falls, just outside of Crested Butte. Another scary drop where you can get some velocity going. Seems like a good spot for a full face and elbow pads (maybe a good rolfer too). Photo:Kevin Fisher

Note: Six six one’s race elbow pads are just as good for biking as they are for creeking. If you live somewhere with rocky, cactus laden run outs on steep drops, or like to air it out on your 8 inch travel DH bike, investing in some race pads may not be a bad thing.

Scabby elbows with bone chips suck.661 to the rescue. This guy probably needs a bit more than elbow pads though.

Here’s The Routt County River Enforcement blog. It’s got enough river and snow mobile porn to keep you occupied for long time. See for yourself: SixSixOne_Race_Elbow_Pads_Dan_Piano_RCRE

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