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Stomper designer shares Guru secrets… and talks about musical.

“David we’re getting a lot of searches for the Stomper.  Can you get with Shane (Benedict) and Woody (Calloway) to write a blog about it?” My boss Bobby Kuepper suggesting an insider interview with Liquid Logic owner designers.

There's nothing more beautiful to a kayaker than a freshly shined plug hull. Cut. Carve. Sand. Carve. Sand. Sand...

I first heard of the Stomper from Team Liquid Logic extreme whitewater warriors Adriene Levneckt and Isaac Levinson.  Adriene and Isaac are the top US extreme racers medaling and training for events like the Olympics (C-2), Green River Narrows, and Teva Mountain Games.  Their enthusiasm and TMG race results with Stomper prototypes make it apparent the coveted design will be hard to keep on store shelves.  Meaning best boaters will be eager to whip out the ‘ol credit card to grab their own Stomper.  Let’s learn why.

Shane and Woody,

CKS wants me to do a piece on the Stomp.  So, can you overnight me a medium Stomp with the large expensive Adriene stickers?

Or you could just tell what you’d like me to write.

How about something like, “Stomp Designer Shares Guru Secrets… and talks about his kayak too.”

Shane Benedict’s Response-

“OK David first of all it’s called the STOMPER!

We have not developed some sort of percussion performance art piece for kayak festivals. We have not strapped on giant shoes to create a rhythmic cacophony of sound.” As I read the response I realize Shane’s referring to the musical “Stomp” and can’t help but envision Shane and Woody giggling gleefully hehehe with hands over their mouths.

This vid is a Stomp not to be confused with the Stomper or you’ll be heckled.  If you laugh at this dysfunctional vid then you’re a perfect candidate for the Stomper.

“We have made a kayak that Stomps which would be called a Stomper or, if it was in past tense, you may say, “Dude, you Stomped that drop.”  In paddling nomenclature, Stomp indicates the act of boofing out from a drop but then directing the bow of your kayak down so as to soften the blow upon landing.  A pushing down of the feet and legs– a stomp– while in the air causes this action, making the bow, or more pointed part of the kayak, penetrate into the waters surface tension holding top layer.”

John Grace, cool name, tests the Stomper on Sunshine of the Green Narrows.

“So, the name of this boat derives from the action that directly resembles Stomping your foot down on a cockroach in the seedy diner at the take out of your particularly awesome local run. We find the image of Action and Direction to suit this boat so we have named the Stomper with the action applied.” Shane defines the Stomper action.

The Stomper story begins on Liquid Logic’s home river, the Green.

Excerpt taken from http://shanesliquidlogic.blogspot.com/.

“Woody, the team and I had been thinking of making a flatter hulled creek boat for a long time.  In fact I had started a design but put it on the back burner because the Jefe was still killing it in stores.  Once we got all the (next boat) feedback… it was a no brainer.  The main focus would be to get more speed out of a creek boat that was super easy to use, comfortable, and bomber safety wise.”

Adriene Levknecht dominates Teva Mountain Games in Stomper. You can pre-order the Stomper at CKS online.

Shane asserts Stomper development started with blending the popular Remix and Jefe Series. The Remix Series offered speed, stability, and ease of rolling.  The Jefe Series nailed bomber construction, safety, and boofability. Shane adds, “This combination, coupled with a new playful semi-planing hull gives you the confidence to maximize your experience on your local run and take you far into your paddling future.”

Isaac Levinson greaces through TMG's Leap of Faith racing the Stomper to the top US finish.

Design Features of the Liquid Logic Stomper

  • Semi-Planing Hull = effortless turning in any situation
  • Chamfered Edges = carving edges that snap into eddies but don’t trip you up

Remix, Stomper, and Jefe aligned to illustrate boat length.

“A chamfer is a beveled edge connecting two surfaces.” -Wikipedia

  • Smooth Transition Rocker Profile = gives the Stomper its speed
  • Rounded Side Wall = incredible stability
  • Crowned Deck (That’s what she…)= quick and easy surfacing from under water
  • Big Bow Rocker = get your bow up and over anything
  • New Seat System = easier access to the stern of the boat for storage
  • Bad Ass Outfitting = the most comfortable outfitting in the industry
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Security Bars
  • Industry Leading Aquatuff Plastic

How can you pre-order a Liquid Logic Stomper?

Step 1- Surf to CKS Stomper Page.

Step 2- Click “Add to Cart.”

Step 3- Whip out the ‘ol credit card.

Once you’ve placed your order a friendly CKS phone guy/Stomper envious person will call you with details.

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When you need the best equipment… Choose CKS.

By David Hughes

CKS Content Media Specialist

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