The 2010 Pyranha Molan Playboat Review

The Pyranha Molan is one of the most anticipated play boats of 2010(available mid-February). So far, only a few select paddlers have had it in the water; Dave Fusilli being one of them. I talked to him for a while about the boat, and he seemed really pumped. After watching the YouTube clip that he made,documenting his maiden voyage, I can see why. I have always thought of Dave as an expeditionary paddler / gnar runner who occasionally hops in a play boat. Check out the video…he destroys it! His loops look like Stephen Wright or EJ. JK better watch out on tour this summer. Demshitz is going to be browning it out big time at a hole near you.


Jeremy Laucks paddling the Molan on the New River Dries. Much Agua!!!!

This is a video of Dave at the Eternity Hole, paddling the Molan for the first time. Dude can get some air!

Here’s what Dave had to say about the Pyranha’s new baby:


  • Great pop. Since the design is pretty similar to the JK Star series, it loops and get’s out of the water really well.
  • Really easy to throw around.
  • The stern is not as short as the All Star’s, which helps with downriver stability.
  • The “gougy” edge that the Rev had is gone.The Molan is less edgy.
  • The cockpit is narrow, and has lots of knee room under the plastic. The thigh brace placement is better too. Ultimately, you will be tighter and more comfortable in the cockpit (better boat control).
  • Lots of room for the dogs up front. Dave has big feet and was very comfortable paddling with booties on.

This is another good video of Mike Patterson going off in the Molan.


  • The Molan is a Pyranha and not a Jackson. It does not have Happy outfitting and custom JK “multi-colors”.On the other hand, it is $100 less than a new All Star.
  • As with any totally new boat design, it will take a month or 2 for people to get the boat out there, and hammer on it. We won’t really know how the Molan stacks up to the Biscuit, Star, Project, etc for a little while. So far though, judging from what we have seen, it looks solid.

The Verdict:

The Molan is a totally new design for Pyranha. It’s pretty similar in shape to the Jackson All Star, which means that it ought to perform very well as a freestyle kayak. If you like Pyranha’s Connect 30 Outfitting, or just want to try a new freestyle boat, you should look at the Molan for sure. As soon as we get a demo in stock, we will take it to the BV Play Park, and review it in depth.

Team Pyranha (Demshitz) is always up to something. Check out their latest exploits by clicking on the links below:

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