Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock Review

Aaron Koch owns and operates Kayak Huasteca, down in Mexico. Every once in a while he sends us a review on a piece of gear that he has been testing out. We like getting reviews from Aaron because he is an independent kayaker, and has no affiliation with any particular company.He uses and abuses everything that we sell here at CKS. His newest favorite piece of equipment is the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock.

The entire hammock kit, which includes some cool bungee straps that keep the mosquito netting from touching your face and body.

Multi-day trips have always been a challenge for me. Weight is always an issue when it comes to loading my kayak. A tent is a great thing to have, but there are few that are lightweight enough for me. A hammock is the perfect warm weather alternative for overnights. Most of my overnight trips are in Mexico and bugs can be a problem. With the Skeeter Beeter you are off the ground and have a mosquito net for bug protection. Add the Ultra light bivy and you have a rain proof sleeping system that weighs mere ounces.



  • Light weight and VERY portable
  • Extremely well made
  • Keeps you off the ground and away from BUGS
  • Easily fits into and Ocoee Watershed Bag with camera

The hammock comes with a compact bag and can fit in the back of most kayaks. You can even pack it in your play boat's stern.Take a nap after a play session.

The hammock's anchor system.


  • Gets a little chilly if temps dip below 40
  • Sometimes you have to bring cam straps if the trees are too far apart

The storage bag is attached to the hammock, which makes it impossible to lose.

The Verdict:

This has been the best overnight gear I have ever purchased. It is the most comfortable and easy to set up sleeping system ever. No more nights sleeping on a PFD or tiny sleeping pads. If you are going tropical or summertime multi-day kayaking, this is the way to go. Did I mention it rocks you to sleep! It’s a 27 ounce condo, right on the river.

Aaron’s been doing some exploration in and around the Huasteca region of Mexico. Here are some recent videos of some rivers that they have been on. Lots of vert!!

The following links are some of the sites and blogs that Aaron maintains. They have a bunch of great information on Mexican kayaking. If you are interested in getting warm and paddling off of some waterfalls this winter, you should get in touch with Aaron and his crew.

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