The Surftech B-1 Long Term Reivew
The Surftech B-1 is my personal choice for almost every condition I come across as a stand up paddler in the Rockies. From mountain lake cruises and races, to stout class III+ river rapids, this is my weapon of choice. The B1 is molded directly off the popular Randy French universal epoxy models making it friendly for all levels. The proprietary ‘Bounce Technology’ is truly in a league of its own. This plastic/fiberglass blend handles almost anything you can throw at it.
Surftech_B1_Review_Thick_Sidewall The durability of the Surftech B1 compares to that of the C4 Waterman CMAC inflatable SUP.


  • The ‘bombproofness’ of this SUP the first and foremost attribute.From falling off the back of a roof rack to nose first into a wall rapid, the Surftech B-1 takes it in stride.
    Surftech_B1_Review_Rock_Abrasion_Bounce Not many 29 lb hard boards can bang rocks like the B1 can.
  • The B1 has a proven shape/rocker that performs with the best of them. Full rails make it really responsive for a board this size. Get in the back seat and it turns super tight. Walk up to the center for the super stable sweet spot. Step far forward and you can lift your fin (proteck super flex) in the shallows.
  • The 29lbs. of this is board makes it light for its design. An epoxy counter part can easily be 10 pounds heavier. The weight also makes it a joy to surf ocean/lake waves.
  • The shape of the bottom has a slight rail design to it. This makes the board possible to run finless.In tight shallow terrain like the Numbers on the Ark or the Lower Blue this design will let you control the required fast cross-river maneuvers.
    Surftech_B1_Review_Shallow_Water The Surftech B1 tracks well in shallow water. You can run it finless, and still have some control over the board.
  • The foam used in this board is hydrophobic. This means if a hole/tear does arise it won’t make the board waterlog. This is a serious advantage in long roadless runs. Also, with the right epoxy formulas it is quite easy to patch.


  • The fin set up is only a single center-box. It’s a Futures strong box so it’s dependable and strong, but you are lacking in options as far as true surfing is concerned. Thruster and 2+1s aren’t an option.
  • The stock deck pad is an aggressive grid pattern. Great for traction, a little bit uncomfortable on longer paddles with bare feet. Just lace up a pair of Teva Gnarkosis and problem solved.

The Verdict:

All and all, I can’t think of a rig that better to satisfy the requirements of a true all round board. The incredible durability combined with a stable but surfy design makes it hard to beat. It has even proven itself on the down-river race scene. Whether squared up for a flat cruise,kung-fu'd for some class III, or true surf stance for glassy waist high surf, the B-1 will ride it all; water or terra firma!

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