The Pyranha Nano:

Here’s a quick little excerpt that Paul Kuthe sent us after spending a little bit of time in this unique boat…
The Medium Pyranha Nano was the perfect blend of the Jed’s loose and explosive freestyle hull, with the solid predictable “creekability” of the Shiva.  It’s business up top and party on the bottom.  Add some Burn characteristics in the stern with some chine releasers to the edges, and you have a Creeking, play  boating do anything machine that will just about fit in your pocket.  I took it down some low volume steep creeks then cruised out to a favorite surf spot.  Huck the falls and then turn on all the best play waves in your favorite creek!  Get your “Freak-Style” on with the NEW Pyranha Nano in two sizes!  I certainly did!

Paul Kuthe
Program Director
Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe

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