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Who is Johnnie Kayaker?

You are invited to read a series of Johnnie Kayaker stories. These are the real ones. Entertaining kayak stories that actually happened.

Although many have claimed sightings around the world, he remains a mystery, part nomad part adventurer and even a splash of romantic at times.  Some facts about him are concrete.  Johnnie is the best kayaker to ever seek out whitewater.  He travels like a ghost appearing on rivers when you least expect him.  Great adventures and misadventures mark his appearance.    With each adventure (or misadventure) he learns something new.  This wealth of knowledge he shares freely with every kayaker who wants to learn more.

Johnnie has been spotted on put-in road with rack stacked high boats bouncing and bodies packed on top of each other. You may have passed him on the river as he walked with paddle by his side scouting the next line.

Johnnie's had too much tequila even for a night at Chile's Pucón Kayak Hostel. Luckily, he's got lots of friends to take care of him.

Johnnie Kayaker is the spirit of kayaking adventure found in all of us.  Whether we’re a beginning paddler or seeking first descents all of us have moments that seem to transcend our everyday lives.  Some of these moments are funny, embarrassing, spiritual, enlightening or just amusing but all of them teach us something about ourselves, kayaking or life.   These are our Johnnie Kayaker stories.  

Here on our blog, we’ve decided to record some of our best Johnnie Kayaker stories to share the moments we felt most like Johnnie. We hope that the cool tips and tricks in these stories will aid you in getting to know your own “inner Johnnie” better.

When you get down to it there is nothing that keeps Johnnie Kayaker happier than running a clean waterfall like Nutrients on Pucón, Chile's Lower Nevados.

“Get out there and live experiences that offer timeless stories.  The adventure begins that moment when the routine and planned are abruptly halted by some unforeseen circumstance.  That situation may cause your crew to be affected and have to each adjust.  It’s when the freaked freak.  The weak take flight.  And the strong and experienced… well they step-up reassuring the rest of us.  It’s at this moment that we have the opportunity to be observant and later share our story.  We’ve all played roles of the freaked, the weak, and the strong.  These are your priceless stories of the humbly humiliated, the humorous, and the superhero.  Keep Kayaking.” –Johnnie Kayaker

What will be your Johnnie Kayaker story?

Johnnie Kayaker is that part of each of us that is magnetically drawn to explore, travel and live life. He pops unexpectedly onto river scenes as fast as he blunders relationships.

On this day Johnnie's truck is overloaded with both kayaks and kayakers and it's overheating near the Andean Rio Yesso. As usual the kayakers are content just chilling out as their adventure begins to unfold.

At times Johnnie Kayaker has been commended as brilliant and praised by all.  And other times he’s been found tired, humbled and sleeping next to a broken trailer in the alpine-Andes guarding gear and waiting for rescue.

Here we hope to build a community of writers sharing compelling Johnnie Kayaker stories.  Real kayakers… sharing their experiences.

Want to share your Johnnie Kayaker story?  Then email David@PuconKayakHostel.com and we’ll try to include your story or even make you a contributing writer.

Want to read more Johnnie Kayaker stories then check out JohnnieKayaker.com.

When you need the best equipment… Choose CKS.

By David Hughes

CKS Content Media Specialist

Owner- Pucon Kayak Hostel, Your economical Chile destination with beds, kayak rentals, and beginner to advanced rivers.  “Keep Kayaking.”

Director- Huge Experiences’ New River Academy, “And that has made all the difference.

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