WilsonPac Hydration System by VestPac Review

We just received our first WisonPac Hydration System by VestPac. As we stood in the CKS warehouse, and handed this unique piece of outdoor gear around to each staff member, we all thought of the daily occasions where the WilsonPac would come in handy. Basically, anytime that you want a MP3 player and cell phone on your person, as well as some water, is a great time to use a VestPac (fishing, stand up paddling, running, hiking, walking, skiing,etc). The cool thing about the pack, that separates it from the rest of the field, is the 3-D Air-mesh lining that creates a breathable layer, as well as keeps the items in the pack warm (in the winter) by channeling your body heat out the lining, and into the pockets. No more freezing iPods. When MP3 players and cell phone batteries get cold, they lose their charge much quicker. This totally eliminates that problem with most electric devices. Cool…
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  • The 3-D mesh lining is awesome. It’s light, thin, soft and really does work well. It creates a breathable layer between you and the pack. It also keeps items in the pack (electronic items and water) warm if you wear the WilsonPac as a base layer during the winter.
  • The is a lot of space in the front storage pocket. You can easily fit a PDA, iPod, camera and car keys. There’s even a clip to hold the car keys in the pouch. VestPac sells waterproof cases, or you can purchase one separatelyif you are going to be out on the water with your WilsonPac.

    Loaded up and ready to paddle, run, fish or ski. Earl's showboatin' with his iPhone AND iPod.

  • It’s really easy to adjust your MP3 player from the front pocket-much easier than opening a pocket in your shorts or pants, and pulling it out to change a song or adjust the volume.

    Our favorite use for this so far is holding your MP3 player for runs and stand up paddle sessions.

  • There is a hydration pack on the back of the WilsonPac. It’s easy to access and works well.

    Small and light weight hydration pack. The 3-D Air-mesh lining keeps your back dry and also warms the water pack when you are skiing or in the cold.

    The nozzle works well and is easy to use.

  • The VestPac is light, form fitting and works great for running. Earl (CKS owner) has been putting his WilsonPac to the test and gives it 2 thumbs up.

    Because the WilsonPac is light and form fitting, it is good for jogging and hiking.

  • The adjustment tabs are precise and work very well. The VestPac fits like a piece of clothing, rather than a pac.

    Adjustment points just above your waist. There is a slider to cinch down, as well as quick release tabs.

    Closeup of the waist adjustment and quick release buckle.

    The vertical straps tighten the pack to torso's of all sizes. This is great for running and making sure the VestPac is secure.

  • The VestPac is a modular system. You can remove the front pocket, and use just the hydration pack if you want. Or you can add to it. VestPac makes all kinds of accessories for fisherman and sportsman.
  • This thing will be great for skiing and snowboarding.Keep your pass, phone and camera in a handy location that will stay warm and safe. Having the hydration pack on your back is an added bonus.

    Get pumped with some some tunes before you huck your meat. Easy access...

    The VestPac WilsonPac is good for boot packing or skinning - stay hydrated on the way up. Rock some tunes while ripping turns in deep pow on the way back down...Then repeat.


  • The hydration pack in the WilsonPac is 1 liter. This is pretty small compared to some packs out there. The idea was to keep the pack light, so it makes sense. At the same time,if you are an endurance athlete (or very active) using the WilsonPac, you will want much more water than this. You can also put your larger hydration pack into the WilsonPac if you need more volume.
  • The WisonPac is pretty costly. It’s the same price as a full mountain biking or small skiing hydration back pack. You get what you pay for. It’s made by hand in the USA (Jackson, WY), and has LOTS of features packed into a ultra comfortable, high tech, light weight, breathable super cool pack..

The Verdict:

The WilsonPac hydration system by VestPac is a neat piece of gear that will appeal to anyone who wants a centralized location for their essentials while recreating. Your MP3 player, cell phone and camera will all be in easy access when you need them. The 3-D Air-mesh is super light and breathes very well. It will keep your pack items warm if you use the WisonPac for skiing our outdoor sports in the winter (just make sure to use the pack as a base layer). At just under $75, the WilsonPac is not cheap. It is however made in Jackson, WY and is a very high quality niche item that will fit like a tailored suit.

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