Best Gear Gifts for Kayakers

If there are two things kayakers love, it's upgrading their gear and talking about upgrading their gear. With that in mind, we've compiled the best whitewater kayaking gear updates so you can give the best gifts for your favorite kayaker.

The creekboater, playboater, or river runner in your life will want any one of these products on our lists. Guaranteed.

How do we know? We asked our very own favorite kayakers what they were hoping to get at our secret Santa swap this year. 

Our Top Six Must-Buy Items

1. Jackson Kayak Rockstar V

Jackson Kayak announced their latest playboat earlier this year, the Rockstar V. It has quickly become our top-selling kayak of 2021. We sat down with two of the best freestyle paddlers in the world to get the scoop on the latest boat.rockstar

Check out our first look of the Rockstar V with Dane and Emily Jackson here. 

2. Immersion Research Shittens Paddling Mittens

Shittens are the ideal paddling mitten to extend a kayaker's paddling season to the winter. Featuring a brand new and unique design, Immersion Research Shittens are lighter-weight than pogies and yet still let you feel your paddle, unlike gloves. Use these to keep a kayaker's hands warm and comfy all winter. 

3. Noseplugs

Nose plugs not only keep your sinuses clear while paddling, they also help you hold your breath for longer when underwater – giving you the chance to try one more roll. Nose plugs make a great gift as they are small and won't break your bank. Some people like the style of the Cottonmouth Nose Plugs, while others prefer the security of the Salamander Squeeze Nose Clips.

Cottonmouth Noseplugs
Salamander Squeeze Nose Clips


4. Ultra-light Paddlers Medical Kit

An ultralight medical kit is a great gift because it's something everyone should cary when kayaking but is too often forgotten about when shopping for paddling gear. This kit is small enough to fit almost anywhere, comes in a waterproof bag, and has the essentials for shorter paddling trips.

5. Pogies

For kayakers, Microwave Handwarmer Pogies from IR are the most popular way to keep your hands warm all winter. The boxy design is comfortable gives you plenty of room for unrestricted hand movement while the 3mm neoprene will keep you warm in below-freezing temperatures.

More Great Options: Salamander Yampa Pogies

Microwave Pogies Kayak Winter
See Why We Love Microwave Handwarmer Pogies
CKS Reviews: IR Pogies

6. Whitewater Philosophy Book

If you're shopping for the seasoned
kayaker, it can be hard to find them gear
that they don't already own. Whitewater
is a meditation on, risk,
adventure, and why paddlers do what they
do. With this pick you can go beyond the
every day paddling gear and get a gift that
encourages reflection and includes some
wise words from a kayaking legend.

More Great Options: Tales From A Mountain Town by Eugene Buchanan

Kayakers at the Green Race

More Top Gifts for Kayakers:


NRS Storm Hood


When you want to paddle but see snow and
ice outside, a neoprene hat is a safety
essential. Combine the NRS Storm Hood with
pogies or Paddling Mittens and you can give
the gift of year-round kayaking to the paddler
in your life. We specifically like NRS's version
as it is the warmest paddling hood we have


WRSI Trident Helmet

WRSI is an industry leader in safety, and the
Trident helmet offers paddlers maximum
protection in a style that looks fresh on the
water. A carbon composite shell with a plush
breathable liner makes this helmet a high end
choice for someone you want to keep safe
this holiday season.


To Help you Shop for Kayakers:

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 top accessories for paddlers
Top Accessories for Kayakers

If you are searching for gifts kayakers will love
any time of year, think about the following list
of accessories and the condition of
your favorite kayaker's gear. You might just
walk away with some epic gift ideas.


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