Best gifts for women

We've curated for you the Top Female Paddling Gifts of 2020 for the Lady Boater in your life. Get your holiday shopping on with our comprehensive women's gift guide.

Being a female paddler means having quality apparel to get through all types of weather and make each time on the river exactly what she wants it to be. Whether she's all about playboating or just likes exploring on her SUP, these gifts for female paddlers are chosen to equip and inspire the lady you know who loves paddling.

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Gifts for women
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Gifts for women
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Gifts for women: Kokatat Kozee Glove
Kokatat Kozee Glove

With 1mm Smoothskin neoprene on the
back and .5mm Smoothskin neoprene
on the palm, the Kozee Gloves offer
excellent flexibility and comfort on cooler
days. The palm has a grippy dot design
that increases durability while providing
outstanding paddle grip.

If you're going on
a river trip, you're
going to want a
couple pair of gloves.

Here's why: There are
a few reasons >>>

Level Six Pro
Lined Shorts

These shorts are the perfect
wetsuit alternative for rolling
practice on the lake. These
shorts offer incredible coverage
without compromising style.

Level Six Women's
Neoprene Leggings

With tough yet supple
1.2 mm neoprene, the
Level Six neoprene leggings
are a stylish way to be in
the water or on shore.

What Can Neoprene
Do For You?

Do you have all the
neoprene layers in your
wardrobe? If not, you should!