2020 Jackson Kayak Rockstar 4.0 - Used
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2020 Jackson Kayak Rockstar 4.0 - Used



$999.00 $1,399.00

This 2020 Rockstar was used as a Jackson Kayak demo during the 2019 season. It is in used condition, and its outfitting reflects Jackson's 2019 Outfitting. Limited Quantity.

The all-new 4th Generation of the most decorated freestyle/playboat design ever made takes freestyle kayaking to new heights out of the water. Here is what the Jackson Kayak Rock Star 4.0 brings, lightweight unwavering commitment to making the world's lightest plastic freestyle kayaks is like. On the water, your moves will be snappy, easy, and you'll be given every advantage that a lightweight boat can give. No shortage of comfort, allowing you to slip into the boat and you'll immediately feel how we improved the comfort, foot-room, knee pockets, and the view from the cockpit. JK brings the perfected combo of composite/plastic track combo for the hull support prevents oil canning and deformation of the hull. Your boat will be ready for the biggest waves, the best rock spins, or running down the river to the next playspot. The shape of the bow and stern are designed to take hits and hold strong. While shallow looping holes are abusive to any boat, you'll be glad you are in this one when you hit hard. Trying to create the driest boat in the world with each generation. Zero Holes are drilled into this new Rock Star on the outside where it can leak. Compare that to 11 holes for the competitions boats (or more), and add in one of the driest cockpit rim designs possible and you can paddle without water in your boat. If you want to know how dry your gear is, paddle our Rock Star 4.0.

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