2022 Demo Hala Hoss (1026)

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This 2022 Hala Hoss is a board that was repaired under Hala’s warranty & repair program. This blemished board has 2 patches located on seams near the right and left sidewall. These patches are coving an area with poor initial seam finishing. See the photos for a closer look.

Repaired boards do not carry the same warranty coverage as our new board models or rental boards. Instead, the specific repair made by our repair center is certified for the foreseeable life of the board (ending 12/31/26). If at any time there is an issue with the repair, the repair center will re-do their work free of charge to the customer. The rest of the board is covered by our 1-year shop guarantee, meaning that there is a limited warranty for one calendar year for anything that affects the air-holding performance of the board that we may have overlooked before selling the board. 

This board may have other minor cosmetic scuffs, often from being stored tightly stacked with other boards or on a metal rack. We’ve made every effort to address these blemishes prior to listing this product for sale. 

Serial Number# B2103RH21026

This Rental/Demo Board comes with Travel Bag, Repair Kit, Hand Pump, and 8" center Fin.

Sales of Repaired boards are final.

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