AIRE Sabertooth 12 Cataraft

Color: Orange
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The AIRE Sabertooth 12 Cataraft, or as we like to call it - the Slaybertooth - is quite possibly the finest paddle cat on the market. It's fast, nimble, and tracks like it has 4-wheel drive. At home in Class IV & V, this boat pushes paddle raft performance to the edge of what's possible, and is extremely forgiving to guide. The capability of the Sabertooth is unmatched in our opinion.

Known for its superior performance as an R2 'shredder', the Sabertooth is also a blast to throw a small frame on and row with 8' shorty oars. Whether you are rowing or paddling, this boat serves up plenty of face shots since it lacks the spray guard that is common with other paddle cats. 

They say money can't buy happiness... whoever said that hasn't paddled a Sabertooth! 

Key Features:

  • Mesh floor provides superior bailing vs. other designs
  • Integrated foot cups
  • Grab handles on the interior of the thwarts for easy carry and portage
  • Aggressive tube rocker that slices through all but the biggest holes and waves
  • 3 D-rings on each side for rigging grab-lines
  • D-ring at either end of each tube - ideal for trailing lines
  • Ideal for two paddlers, but can accommodate up to four
  • Single thwart included
  • Lace-in thwart for superior fit and comfort
  • Zipper system for easy access to internal air bladders
  • Made in the USA
  • AIRE's 10 year No-Fault Warranty, yes you read that right... 


  • 12'10" long
  • 5'8.5" wide
  • 20.5" tube diameter
  • 29" rocker (bow / stern rise)
  • 74 pounds
  • 4 internal air chambers + 1 thwart chamber
  • 1670 Denier PVC @ 37oz/square yard

Stock Colors: Call us for inquires on non-stock colors - AIRE offers a wide variety! 

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Lime
  • Dark Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Grey

PRO TIP: We highly recommend picking up 2-4 AIRE Thwart Handles with this boat to give yourself some interior D-rings for clipping gear or throw bags. The interior of this boat has few places to secure gear without them. 

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