Hala Gear Atcha 86 Inflatable Whitewater SUP

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Ideal scenario is that the board is stored inflated at roughly half pressure (4-6 PSI) in a cool place that does not have exposure to large temperature changes or direct sunlight. The boards are least susceptible to damage when the air pressure inside of the chamber is greater than the air pressure on the outside of the board.

If you don’t have the luxury of enough space to store the board inflated, the next ideal scenario is to deflate the board and store it loosely rolled with the valve pin up and cap on.

By “loosely rolled” we mean that there is enough space in between each layer of the board roll that you can fit your arm in between. This will make sure that you aren’t over-flexing/creasing the sidewall material and possibly creating weak points in the seams.

The boards are more susceptible to damage when deflated. Dragging, even the slightest bit on semi-abrasive surfaces like concrete or asphalt, can cause major damage to sidewalls where the material is folded. This isn’t an issue when the board is inflated.

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