Seat Option Combo - CKS Raft Frame

Size: Low Back Seat - Standard Setup
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The Seat Option Combo gives you a choice in several different configurations for your Raft Seat for your CKS Raft Frame. Choose from high or low back seat options, as well as whether you want to run a flip seat or sit directly at frame level. 

Combine this product with the CKS Raft Frame Base and Oar Towers & Oarlocks Combo to complete your customized frame!

This combo has two different seat attachment options:

  • The first option is the standard NRS seat attachment system, which utilizes a Frame Cross Bar and a Universal Seat Mount to attach a seat to the frame. 
    • This option blocks the use of a drybox or cooler immediately behind it as the universal seat mount is fixed and doesn't move out of the way to access gear.
  • The second option turns the first option into an elevated flip seat, allowing you to flip the seat over and access a drybox or cooler underneath the seat.
    • This option allows for a drybox or cooler in the bay immediately behind it, however its use requires a supporting surface underneath, so you must always rig a cooler, drybox or decking under the seat! 

*High Back Seat - Standard Setup Pictured. Cross Bar not included.*

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