Hala Gear B-Line 3-Piece SUP Paddle

Color: Grey
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The Hala Gear Rival B-Line SUP Paddle is a lighter weight, no-twist, carbon shaft paddle that will set any paddler up for success. Designed as an entry-level paddle it is simple, reliable, and has great bang for your buck value. The durable materials and lever lock adjustable handle make this perfect to share with all your friends and family or fit specifically to your height. Break it down and zip it all up into your Hala Rival bag and hit the road! You can't go wrong with this 3-piece carbon 
  • Clamped, Adjustable, No-Twist Handle
  • Lightweight Carbon Shaft
  • Fits paddlers from 5'2" to 6'6"
  • Can easily be cut for smaller paddlers and maintain adjustability
  • Pin Travel Mechanism
  • Impact Resistant Reinforced Plastic Blade

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