Hala Gear Grafik Blend Adjustable SUP Paddle

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LeverLock® Adjustable Fiberglass x Carbon Blended Shaft

The Hala Gear Grafik Blend Adjustable SUP Paddle is a great performance-focused, all-around, adjustable paddle. With a blended carbon and fiberglass shaft, this paddle is finds the perfect balance between weight, rigidity, and durability. The LeverLock® adjustable handle gives you the opportunity to fit the paddle  to your height. Get this high-performing adjustable paddle for all of your adventures.
  • LeverLock® Adjustable Handle
  • Adjustable Carbon-Fiberglass Shaft
  • Adjusts from 70" to 86"
  • 7 Ply CFRT Fiberlite™ Grafik Blade

Need help sizing the paddle? We recommend extending your paddle arm straight up with a loose, relaxed shoulder (to keep it in a safe extension when paddling). You should adjust the LeverLock so that your wrist rests right over the top of the handle.

A high-performing adjustable paddle, the Grafik Carbon gives you versatility at the highest level. The carbon-fiberglass blended shaft makes it lightweight with the top of the line with the perfect balance of durability and rigidity. Its LeverLock® adjustable handle provides versatility to fit paddlers from 5’2” to 6’6”. And a 7 Ply CFRT Fiberlite™ Grafik blade is tough for any adventure. Grab the Grafik Carbon high-performing, adjustable paddle and hit the water.

Weight: 1.45lbs/660g

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