Jackson Kayak 2017 Karma Traverse
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Jackson Kayak 2017 Karma Traverse



The Jackson Kayak Karma Traverse is Jackson's foray into the world of crossover kayaks. Designed as a replacement for the Rogue Series, the Karma Traverse has a narrower bow, with increased rocker for better whitewater performance, and more volume in the stern to maximize storage space. The hull design is new, but is based on the highly regarded Karma and Karma UL hulls, which are known for their speed, predictability, stability, forgiveness, and ease of rolling. The outfitting is the same as what Jackson paddlers are used to: a Unishock bulkhead to absorb any major impacts to the bow, lightweight, easy to adjust outfitting, and a sliding seat. More bungees were added for extra storage outside of the boat and the new skeg is less likely to clog up with sand.

Jackson Kayak Karma Traverse Features:

  • Predictable, forgiving, stable hull that is friendly for beginners
  • Fast and maneuverable
  • Increased storage via more bungees and increased volume in the stern
  • Excels in whitewater
  • Unishock bulkhead
  • Skeg

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