Jackson Kayak Rockstar Standard
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Jackson Kayak Rockstar Standard




The Jackson Kayak Rockstar Standard is the same newly redesigned 2016, to be the ultimate freestyle whitewater kayak for waves, holes and downriver play. Jackson Kayak narrowed the hull of the 2016 Rockstar to make it faster and looser; just front surfing and carving is a blast in the 2016 Rockstar. Easy edge-to-edge transfer make air tricks easier and provides for more pop to go bigger than ever! Three gallons of volume were taken out of the 2016 Rockstar to make the boat slicier for easier cartwheels and split wheels. River running is easier in the 2016 Rockstar due to a higher parting line, this makes the boat much more stable in bigger, swirlier water. Beginning paddlers will love the Rockstar for its forgiveness, ease to roll and for how easy it is to initiate and learn new moves, while expert boaters will enjoy going huge, increased hull speed and the ease of linking combo moves together in waves and holes.

 Jackson Kayak Rockstar Standard Features:

  • Slicier Ends: The ends of the 2016 Rockstar are slicier and easy to get under the water. This makes cartwheels, split wheels, tricky woos and linking moves much easier.
  • New Hull Design: The narrower hull on the 2016 Rockstar is faster, looser, predictable and forgiving.
  • 2017 New Gray Rip-stop Outfitting.
  • Balanced Volume: The perfect balance of volume will let beginners get their first air loops and allow pros to get that huge bonus in competitions.
  • For more info on the 2016 Rockstar check out EJs review.

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