Jackson Kayak Monstar Whitewater Kayak

Color: Northern Lights
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Back for a limited time only, the Jackson Kayak Monstar is based off the ground breaking 2010 All Star series of boats but SUPER-SIZED for the larger paddler. Jackson wanted all paddlers to have access to a playboat that fits, so for a limited time channel your inner "Dane Jackson" and throw massive loops in the MonStar. A pure playboat packing 73 gallons into a short but stable platform. It rides nice and high, fast enough to catch waves others sink through, and gives you the pop of your life in a hole!

Size Monstar
Length 6’3”
Width 28”
Height 15”
Volume 73 gal
Weight 37.5 lbs
Opt Paddler Weight 210 - 300 lbs

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