2022 Kokatat Women's Icon Dry Suit (GORE-TEX Pro) Closeout

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​The Kokatat Women's GORE-TEX Icon Dry Suit is everything a kayaker needs in a dry suit. Designed in collaboration with Kokatat's pro paddlers, this suit shares many design features with the Meridian Suits. The rear-entry flexible YKK Zipper on the Icon creates a more effective watertight seal than front entry suits and it feels less bulky under the front panel of your PFD as well.

Three layers of GORE-TEX Pro membrane under 330 Cordura GORE-TEX fabric on high-wear areas gives you top-of-industry waterproofing in both the suit and the attached drysocks, and punch-through overcuffs keep the wear and tear on your gaskets to a minimum. Modern lines and slim fit also make this suit feel less baggy in the water so you can focus on swimming to safety or chasing down your boat.

  • Evolution 3.21 nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell
  • 330 Cordura® on the legs, shoulders and arms
  • Self draining punch-through neoprene neck and wrist over-cuffs
  • Latex neck and wrist gaskets
  • Zippered chest pocket with key lanyard
  • Rear entry zipper
  • Rear dropseat zipper for women
  • Dual adjustable overskirt with hook & loop compatible neoprene
  • GORE-TEX® socks
  • Factory-sealed seams
Pro Tip

Choosing between a rear-entry and front entry drysuit can be challenging, as there are pros and cons to both entry points. A rear-entry zipper can be more challenging to zip up by yourself and usually requires your partner to give you a hand. The upside to a zipper located at the top of the suit is that it can feel less bulky as it is in an area of the suit that moves and flexes less. It also doesn't get bunched up under your PFD or spray skirt like a zipper that is diagonal across your chest. The zipper also does not cross underneath the tunnel over-skirt, keeping water out of your cockpit a bit more effectively.


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