Level Six 5.0 Soft Top Surf Board

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Are you landlocked but looking to surf your local river wave? Level Six set out to make a board that was relatively inexpensive, durable, and something that you could throw in the back of the car and bring with you when we head up to the river. From high volume and dynamic, to flat and mushy, or short and steep the five-0 can surf it all. Lots of stability and volume means it is the perfect board for a beginner and casual river surfer looking to surf different waves in river conditions.

The 5.0 Is a great choice for man-made waves like Denver, Boise or Bend. This board is also a solid choice for many paddlers across Colorado play parks, but does not offer the buoyancy for smaller, mushier waves or low water. At low water, this board is a great choice for smaller paddlers or kids!


Includes 3 Fins

Length: 5'

Width: 21.5"

Thickness: 3"

Volume: 38.5L

Board Weight: 10lbs

Max Rider Weight: 195lbs

Contrsuction: EPS Foam Core, EVA Foam Deck.

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