Liquidlogic Hot Whip Whitewater Kayak

Color: Gold
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The Liquidlogic Hot Whip is the ultimate boat for those who want to play hard on the water without sacrificing comfort and style while headed downstream. As a half slice, it is designed with play in mind, but can still take on river running with supreme confidence.

Gliding over obstacles with ease thanks to its Liquidlogic RMX influence in design. The large hull platform ensures you stay atop the water's surface, providing a stable base for precision spins and maneuvers. Engineered with play in mind, this watercraft is perfectly sized for surfing waves, initiating stern squirts, and splats. Its edges are optimized for ultra-smooth carving turns, making each ride buttery and exhilarating. With a winged stern, this craft is perfect for stern squirts, tailees, and splats, making it fun and intuitive for all skill levels.

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WIDTH 26.5"
WEIGHT 42 lbs
VOLUME 62 gal

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In an effort to save on kayak freight shipping charges, we often work with customers to deliver boats along the I-70 corridor, as far north as Fort Collins, and of course, Steamboat, for free or at heavily discounted rates.

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Note that CKS reserves the right to decline any delivery requests that are outside of the above listed areas or are on too short of a timeline. Deliveries may take up to three weeks from order date.

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