Liquidlogic RMX Whitewater Kayak

Color: Venom
Size: 86
Sale price$1,399.00

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The Liquidlogic RMX is a modern re-imagining of one of the best selling designs of all time the Remix. Borrowing modern elements from the Alpha, while keeping true to the ease and versatility of the Remix, the RMX is sure to be a modern classic. 

Featuring a modern bow profile, a forgiving and responsive edge design, and a tapered stern that make the RMX a very approachable yet high-performance hull design. The high-rise bow is borrowed from the Alpha, allowing the RMX to rise up and over larger features and skip out of drops. The volume distribution in the stern makes for ample secondary stability, while the scooped tail still allows you to boof on edge easily to assist in keeping the bow up on more vertical drops. 

Pre-Sale Delivery ETAs

96: Middle of December

86: Middle of December

86 96
LENGTH 9'4" 9'6"
WIDTH 26.5" 27.25"
COCKPIT LENGTH 35.5" 35.5"
WEIGHT 51 lbs 53 lbs
VOLUME 86 gal 96 gal
OPTIMAL PADDLER WEIGHT 120-220 lbs 160-260 lbs

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