Liquidlogic Stinger
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Liquidlogic Stinger




After five years of testing, redesigning, and expanding the concept, we have finally reached production for the quintessential high-performance creek racing kayak. We drew on the expertise of the top racers and a well-rounded design team led by Shane Benedict to bring the public a fast, responsive, and easy-to-paddle boat. Each year the team has honed the Stinger to enhance the turning, surfacing, and speed. Since the initial design, we have added 8" to the stern so it rides forward and aggressive, skipping through holes where other boats bog down. The shorter bow keeps it from pitoning in steeper drops, and the high-crowned deck helps the boat surface rapidly. At this time, the Stinger holds course records in extreme races across the country; at home on the Green River, its record in the last 5 years is unparalleled. Now that we have completed the final model, the Stinger stands out among other boats for its dramatic ability to come out of rapids at top speed. The extra length of the stern allows the boat to plane-out quickly and hit its insanely fast top-end speed while it plows over almost any obstacle with just the right amount of bow rocker. It has the ability to dominate races plus is incredibly fun to paddle on all types of water simply because it is fast. You do not need to be a racer or have any desire to compete to love the exhilaration of paddling a long boat. Whether your goal is to win races or to spice up your local run, to do attainments, or just to rip down creeks and rivers like there is no tomorrow, whatever class you are on, you'll find the sensation of the Stinger's speed as addicting as it is fun. 

Liquidlogic Stinger XP Kayak Features:

Length: 12’ 5" / 379 CM

Width: 24.25” / 62 CM

Cockpit Length: 35” / 89 CM

Cockpit Width: 20.5” / 52 CM

Weight: 55 LBS / 25 KG

Volume: 100 GAL / 379 L

Paddler Weight: 120-300 LBS 77-136 KG


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