NRS Men's Jakl Dry Suit (GORE-TEX Pro)

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Size: SM
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The NRS Men's Jakl Dry Suit is a beefed-up dry suit for extreme whitewater expedition kayakers. Combining GORE-TEX® Pro construction with Cordura® reinforcements throughout, the Jakl provides superior warmth and waterproofness while handling the most committed hike-ins, sketchy portages and dodgy scrambles.

  • Constructed with 3-Layer GORE-TEX Pro for best-in-class durable, waterproof-windproof-breathable performance.
  • To reduce its environmental footprint, GORE-TEX Pro uses 100% recycled nylon face fabric, lower-impact DWR, and backer material that is dope dyed to reduce water usage, pollution and energy use.
  • Cordura® reinforced in all key areas to handle rugged hike-ins and sketchy scouts.
  • Back-entry YKK® Aquaseal™ zipper enhances flexibility and reduces bulk across the chest.
  • Tough latex neck and wrist gaskets protected with GlideSkin™ neoprene volcano-style overcuffs.
  • Purposely designed to keep paddlers drier in high volume waters, the volcano-style overcuffs on the wrists cover more surface area from the wrist to the hand to reduce water contact with the gaskets underneath.
  • Durable, yet supple, mesh holes under the wrists and neck, drain any water captured between the latex gasket and the neoprene over cuffs.
  • 5" wide neoprene waist overskirt with double-pull hook-and-loop closure fits over your sprayskirt tunnel for a watertight seal.
  • Fully reinforced ankle design features an elastic band to fit snug over booties. Silicone dots keep the ankle from riding up.
  • Features one splashproof zippered chest pocket, relief zipper and GORE-TEX Pro fabric socks.
    Material: 3-Layer GORE-TEX Pro
    Entry Style: Back-Entry
    Waterproof: Yes
    Breathable: Yes
    Neck Closure: Latex gasket with neoprene volcano-style overcuff
    Wrist Closure: Latex gaskets with volcano-style neoprene overcuffs
    Waist System: Overskirt with double-pull hook-and-loop adjustment
    Ankle Closures: Gathered elastic
    Pockets: 1 - Chest
    Latex Neck Gasket: Yes
    Latex Wrist Gaskets: Yes
    Socks: Fabric
    Relief Zipper: Yes
    Reflective Detailing: No
    Gender Sizing: Men


    Cordura reinforcements in all high-wear areas

    Heavy-duty YKK® Aquaseal™ zippers

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