Pett Cleanwaste Portable Environmental Toilet

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The Cleanwaste Portable Dry Toilet from Pett makes taking care of the necessities in wilderness areas easy. This compact, lightweight unit uses a patented biodegradable bag that can be dropped in any garbage can.

Pett Portable Environmental Toilet Features:

  • Easy to use! No assembly is required, it sets up in seconds.
  • When set up its the same height and bowl size as your household toilet, then folds up to briefcase size, 19" x 14" x 5".
  • Ultra-sanitary, it uses WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits that gel waste, neutralize odors (no perfumes) and start the decay process.
  • These bags comply with federal standards for disposal in landfills and will degrade along with gel and waste in six to eight months.
  • The biodegradable WAG BAG is approved for disposal in any receptacle that is going to a sanitary landfill.
  • Great for boating, camping and as part of a home emergency kit.
  • Set up: 19"L X 13"W X 14"H
  • Folded: 19"L X 14"W X 5"H
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Stable three leg design
  • Includes 3 WAG BAGS

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