Hala Gear 2020 Carbon Playita SUP

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The 2020 Carbon Hala Playita 2+2 is the most innovative inflatable surfer to date. This board includes both Hala's Inflatable Carbon Construction (2021 version is without carbon, so get the carbon version while it is still available) and patented DoubleStack Technology, creating a rigid inflatable with a 2" step-down rail.

This is a stable-yet-surfy inflatable board that holds a rail like a hard board.

- Perfect for travel and a durable board you can keep at the beach house and let ANYONE use (even the kids or your meathead uncle) without worrying about damage!

This along with the fishtail shape rivals the performance of any fiberglass SUP surfboard on the market. Every break is surfable with the Playita 2+2 in your quiver!

  • DoubleStack Technology
  • Fishtail
  • 2"+ 2" Low Volume, DoubleStack, Step Down Rails
  • Surf Rocker
  • Diamond Groove 4mm EVA Deck Pad
  • 1.5" Raised Stomp Pad
  • Raised Foot Index
  • Step-Flat Center Handle
  • Four 4.5" Gummy Click Fins
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
  • Industry-leading 3-Year Warranty

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