Snurfer Nomad Snow Surfer

Color: Jungle Green
Sale price$129.95

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The highly anticipated Snurfer Nomad Snow Surfer is designed with considerably more flex for overall performance enhancement. The shallow V-tail combined with dual channel base grooves allow for a well-balanced ride with easy turn initiation and straight-line stability. The Nomad will bring hours of unplugged fun.
  • Length: 44.25”
  • Nose Width: 10.1”
  • Tail Width: 7.51”
  • Base Features: 2 channel flat base
  • Board Flex: Full
  • Traction Pads: 2 EVA foot pads
  • Rope: 58” Recycled Poly Rope
  • All US made
  • Ideal for riders of all weights

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