Sweet Protection Rocker Half Cut Kayak Helmet

Color: Gloss White
Size: MD/LG
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The Sweet Rocker Halfcut is the helmet of choice for many of the world's best paddlers. Many consider this not only the safest helmet on the market, but also the most comfortable. Watch any kayaking video from the past few years- the top paddlers in the world trust the Sweet Protection Rocker to protect their head.

Constructed using Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon (TLC) shell technology, the helmet is constructed with the ideal stiffness in different areas. The top is softer, while the back and sides are more rigid, which has been shown to be the most efficient in absorbing impacts. The Occi-Grip tensioning system and Coolmax liner make this one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. Also included is a shatter-proof visor and ear pads, giving you the option of warmer ears in cooler weather.

Sweet Protection Rocker Half Cut Kayak Helmet Features:

  • Occi-Grip tensioning system
  • Coolmax liner
  • Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon (TLC) shell technology

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