Sweet Protection Ronin RIG Lens

Color: Aquamarine
Sale price$99.95

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The Sweet Protection Ronin RIG Lens is your solution to changing light conditions in your Sweet Protection Ronin Rig Sport Sunglasses

Best for very low light and poor visibility, such as during a snowstorm or in foggy conditions. 
Mid-range spectrum that highlights shadowed objects and still has enough light filter that you can handle occasional brightness. Best on days with alternating light, such as broken cloudiness where the sun comes out from time to time.
Best on sunny days. The light level they let through is less than the other two lens options. 


Pro Tip: Not seeing your color choice? We stock a limited selection of these spare Lenses. We do not stock clear lenses, and we do not stock spare Obsidian Black lenses. We are able to special order these items for you, if you wish. Contact customer service for more information! (They're standing by in the chat or by phone 970-344-8836).

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