Sweet Protection Ronin RIG Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Color: Black
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Sweet Protection Ronin RIG Sport Sunglasses are made for high-intensity sports. Wide lenses and relatively low-profile frames provide excellent wind and spray blocking, prevent blind spots and maintain superior breathability to keep fogging to a minimum. This eyewear is great for everything from whitewater sports to backcountry adventures and more and combines the best features from goggles and sunglasses to keep you safe and comfortable.

Tailor your shade and color spectrum to meet your lighting conditions with Ronin RIG Sport Sunglasses swappable lenses. Frames come with Obsidian Black Polarized Lenses that provide the best sight conditions on bright and sunny days. Four other lens options for lower light days - Topaz, Bixbite, Aquamarine, and Clear - give you versatility not offered by most other sport sunglasses with the quality you expect from Sweet Protection! 

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