Tube Pro Tube Tracker Pro

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The Tube Pro Tube Tracker PRO is designed for navigating the lazy river with maximum relaxation and stability. The Tube Tracker PRO features a heavy-duty 1000 denier outer cover, increasing its durability over the standard Tube Tracker. This is the perfect craft for hot summer days when the goal is to cool off, have fun, and not take things too seriously.

  • 60" x 40" (150 cm x 100 cm) inflated dimensions
  • 44" x 15" (110 cm x 37.5 cm) separate inflated floor
  • 30 gauge heavy-duty commercial K80 PVC
  • 1 plastic cup holder; backrest; 3 bottom tracking fins
  • 80" (203 cm) aluminum kayak paddle with oar mounts
  • Two large handles for transport/carrying
  • 840 Nylon cover top with durable PVC coated 1000 denier polyester tarpaulin bottom

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