2010 Pyranha Burn Review

This is a quick and dirty review from someone who had the chance to paddle the new 2010 Pyranha Burn a few times this winter. Here 'ya go:

I took the new Burn out a couple times last week. I was pretty surprised for such subtle differences, how different of a boat it is. Of course that is also probably due to the fact I have been paddling the old Burn so long. What I noticed right off the start is how nimble it is but at the same time it tracks really well. probably the best tracking creek boat I have been in. It fly's well too, and boofs like a dream. I really did not want to test the rolling ability but I got to do so and it rolls lightning fast. I can't wait to get it out on the West Prong and some of the other boulder garden creeks to see how it performs. Here are some shots a friend of mine took the other day.

If you want to know more about the 2010 Burn, you should click here and read a detailed blog post. Casey (a CKS Staff member) took one out for a spin in freezing cold Pine Creek a few weeks ago. He was pretty psyched to paddle, even in the cold. He loved the boat. The raging pink creeker does a great job at running the brown.

Here is a video that is worth watching. Lots of clean lines, and big airs. It's the 2010 Pyranha promo video:

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