Updated February 2024

Twitch LLC (“CKS Online” or “us”) is proud to offer our customers the PerCKS Rewards program (the “Program”), which provides loyalty points to customers who shop on coloradokayak.com, halagear.com, and Hala GearSpace & CKS Online Showroom in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

Please read these Program Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms”) carefully. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by these Program Terms. If you do not agree to these Program Terms, do not participate in the Program. Your continued use of the Program constitutes acceptance of these Terms.

These Program Terms supplement and incorporate by reference the CKS Online Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”), which apply to use of the Program. Any disputes arising from these Program Terms or the Program, will be subject to the CKS Online Terms of Service, including the limitations of liability, governing law and dispute resolution procedures specified in the Terms of Service.

  1. Eligibility for Program Participation
    1. Customers with a store account on CKS Online may participate in the Program.
    2. Participation in the Program is free.
    3. The Program is offered for individual use only. Commercial customers, groups, corporations, or those purchasing items for resale or commercial use are not eligible for participation in the Program.
    4. Program members may have only one account and the sharing of an account between individuals is prohibited.
  2. How to Enroll
    1. All CKS Online customers automatically qualify for participation in the Program. To access Program benefits, create a CKS Online store account and enter all required information. Enrollment is only complete when you have provided your full name and email address.
    2. To enroll in the Program at Hala GearSpace & CKS Online Showroom through a Store Associate or by calling our customer service team, provide your full name, a valid email address, and your consent to enter the Program. You will receive an email including a link you can follow to set your account password, select your marketing preferences, and review these Program Terms.
    3. Program participants are responsible for ensuring that account information is current and accurate and updating such information as necessary in your account settings.
  3. Birthday Bonus Points
    1. Participants that meet eligibility criteria will receive bonus loyalty points on their birthday entered on the Program page. Birthday offer point amounts are set at CKS Online’s discretion and are subject to change without notice.
    2. To qualify for the annual birthday offer, you must have created a CKS Online store account and submitted the month and day of your birth on the Program page.
    3. The submitted birth date cannot be modified.
    4. Eligible participants will receive their annual birthday bonus points on the day of their birth date.
    5. Participants are limited to one birthday offer per calendar year.
    6. The email communicating the birthday offer may contain additional terms for redemption.
    7. Participants may withdraw from receiving the birthday bonus points by calling customer service and requesting their birthdate be removed from their account.
  4. Earning Loyalty Points
    1. Participants in the Program may earn points on the purchase of products (“Loyalty Points”).
    2. To earn Loyalty Points on eligible products while shopping online, you must either be signed into your CKS Online store account or have entered the email address associated with your CKS Online store account during guest checkout.
    3. To earn Loyalty Points when placing an order through a customer service team member or in-person at Hala GearSpace & CKS Online Showroom, you must provide the email address associated with your account prior to providing payment and confirming the order.
    4. Loyalty Points earned from the purchase of products are calculated after all store credits or discounts are applied, but before taxes, shipping, and other fees are added to the sale.
    5. In addition, participants may not earn Loyalty Points on the purchase of gift cards or rental/demo products. Participants will also not earn Loyalty Points on taxes, shipping, and other fees.
    6. Loyalty Points have a fixed value of 1 point equating 20 cents. Loyalty Points may not be redeemed for cash, and may not be pooled, transferred, gifted, or sold.
    7. During Limited Time Promotions, participants may earn bonus Loyalty Points on select products or by completing other campaigns such as social media shares or reading blogs. The Program will announce these Limited Time Promotions by emailing eligible Participants. Bonus point offers during Limited Time Promotions are subject to change without notice and at any time at the sole discretion of CKS Online.
    8. Points earned from a transaction will display on the account page after payment is processed.
    9. If your payment is declined, Loyalty Points associated with that order will be removed from your account.
    10. Loyalty Points will expire after 1 year of account inactivity.
    11. Expired Loyalty Points will not be credited back to your account.
    12. If you return a product, any Loyalty Points accrued from that purchase will be deducted permanently from your account upon acceptance of the product and issuance of a store credit or refund under CKS Online’s Refund Policy.
    13. If the product is not accepted under our Refund Policy, no change to your Loyalty Points balance will occur.
  5. Redeeming Loyalty Points
    1. Loyalty Points may be used toward the purchase of full-price products online at coloradokayak.com, halagear.com or in Hala GearSpace & CKS Online Showroom.
    2. There is no limit on the total amount of your Loyalty Points balance that you can redeem on any single transaction.
    3. You can choose to redeem any or all of your available Loyalty Points during the checkout process by selecting the point amount you wish to redeem on the provided slider bar at checkout. Loyalty Points are single use.
    4. If you redeem Loyalty Points at checkout, those points will be applied to the order subtotal. Gift cards, rental/demo products, taxes, shipping and any additional handling charges cannot be paid for with Loyalty Points.
    5. For purchases facilitated by a customer service member, inform the customer service member that you wish to use your Loyalty Points prior to finalizing the order. Loyalty Points cannot be retroactively applied to an order.
    6. Loyalty Points cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon code.
    7. Loyalty Points are not redeemable for cash.
    8. Loyalty Points may only be redeemed in increments of $0.05. If redeeming points in excess of the order subtotal, then any difference between the subtotal and the incremental $0.05 point figure will be forfeited.
    9. All returns must be made in compliance with CKS Online’s Refund Policy. If you return a product purchased entirely or partially with a Loyalty Points, the redeemed points value will not be refunded or credited to you. The points will be added back to your Loyalty Points balance and the refund or store credit amount you receive will be the amount you paid after the Loyalty Points were applied to your subtotal.
  6. Customer Service Support + Program Cancelation
    1. If you believe your Loyalty Points were not accurately posted to your account, or you have any other questions or complaints, customer service is available by phone, SMS, email, or chat.
    2. You may ask customer service about your current Loyalty Points balance or to update your account.
    3. You may also update your account and view Loyalty Points balances by logging into your CKS Online store account.
    4. Participation in the Program is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. If you cancel or withdraw, you permanently forfeit any previously earned Loyalty Points. Because your enrollment in the Program is tied to your CKS Online store account, your withdrawal from the Program will simultaneously terminate your store account. To cancel or withdraw your membership in the Program, contact our customer service team.
  7. Program Communications
    1. By enrolling in the Program, you will receive marketing communications from CKS Online to the email you provided upon account creation or updated in your account settings. To opt out of receiving promotional emails, you can follow the instructions for unsubscribing in each email.
    2. You may unsubscribe or adjust your CKS Online marketing preferences while still remaining a Participant in the Program.
  8. Program Restrictions + Termination
    1. The Program may not be used for commercial use or private re-selling. Should CKS Online reasonably suspect that a Participant is using the Program for commercial use or re-sale, it reserves the right to terminate the Participant's account immediately and without notice.
    2. Violation of these Program Terms may result in termination from the Program without notice.
    3. If you do not make purchases earning Loyalty Points or redeem Loyalty Points for 12 consecutive months, your account will be deemed inactive and your points will be removed from your Loyalty Points balance.
    4. Loyalty Points may not be gifted, transferred or sold.
    5. Any Loyalty Points may not be retroactively applied to previous transactions.
    6. In cases of reasonably suspected fraud or other abuses, CKS Online reserves the right to take appropriate administrative action, including the termination of your participation in the Program.
    7. If an account is terminated for any reason, you will no longer be able to access your account and all existing Loyalty Points will be removed.
    8. CKS Online reserves the right to deny or terminate membership for any reason at its sole discretion.
  9. Changes to the Program or Program Terms
    1. CKS Online reserves the right to make changes to the Program Terms at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
    2. CKS Online may amend or change the Program or any of its benefits and features, partially or in full, at any time for any reason without prior notice. Changes may include, but are not limited to, the number of Loyalty Points earned per purchase, the redemption value of Loyalty Points, and the products or transaction types that qualify for Loyalty Points.
    3. All interpretations of these Program Terms are at CKS Online’s sole discretion, and CKS Online’s decisions will be final.
    4. In the event the Program is discontinued or merged with another program, CKS Online will attempt to notify Participants within a reasonable timeframe through the emails associated with CKS Online store accounts. Participants will not be entitled to any compensation for any unused Loyalty Points and any, if at all, merged Loyalty Points may have a different value under a different program.
  10. Privacy
    1. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand how CKS Online collects, uses, and discloses information about customers, how to update and change your personal information, and how we communicate with you.
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