Kokatat Women's Stoke Dry Top (Hydrus 3.0)

Color: Rain
Size: MD
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Weekend warriors will enjoy the waterproof, breathable Women's Hydrus 3.0 Stoke Dry Top for their paddling adventures.

The Hydrus 3.0 Stoke is an excellent all-around dry top. Designed for weekend warriors to everyday paddlers, the Stoke provides outstanding performance and features Kokatat's proprietary waterproof and breathable Hydrus 3.0 fabric. Hydrus 3.0 consists of a tough Nylon outer layer with a DWR finish to keep water out while a polyurethane micro-porous middle layer and a soft polyester inner layer work in tandem to manage interior moisture. The Stoke has a dual adjustable neoprene outer skirt, a self-draining zippered chest pocket with a convenient key lanyard, factory sealed seams, latex wrist and neck gaskets, and is backed by Kokatat's limited lifetime warranty.


  • Hydrus 3.0 (3 layer) fabric
  • Latex gasket with neoprene punch through collar and cuffs
  • Dual adjustable outer skirt incorporates "hook & loop" compatible neoprene
  • Tropos Light inner skirt
  • Self-draining, zippered chest pocket with key lanyard


  • Machine or hand wash cool with liquid detergent
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Store it dry, hanging, or loosely folded


    A dry top is a kayak-centric garment by design. The effectiveness of a dry top very much depends on your choice of a sprayskirt, as a low-quality sprayskirt can implode under pressure or let water into the boat around the dry top. When buying a super high-quality dry top, consider upgrading your skirt (if it's old or basic) to match the same quality and performance.

    Hydrus: We get a lot of questions from people interested in the comparison between Hydrus and GORE-TEX waterproofing, and whether we think its worth it. Hydrus is less expensive because Kokatat developed the material in-house, rather than paying a premium for another manufacturer's patented & proven material. Kokatat is the quality leader in drytops and drysuits and would not put their name on a product they don't stand behind the performance of. Is it as good as GORE-TEX? In our opinion, its probably close enough for those who really don't want to cough up the extra few hundred dollars for GORE-TEX. Hydrus performs above the level of most non-GORE-TEX competing options out there, and is still backed by Kokatat's Lifetime Warranty like their GORE-TEX garments are.

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