Immersion Research Devil's Club Dry Suit: One Beater's Honest Review


The Immersion Research Devil's Club Dry Suit is one of the most durable drysuits on the market, and in my humble opinion, one of the best pieces of gear money can buy.

A Culmination of Necessity, Passion, and Technology

Immersion Research is an industry leader when it comes to drysuit technology, and that becomes evident to anyone that has the opportunity to wear one of their products. Between comfort, durability, and performance there are very few products on the market that rival the quality of the Devil's Club Dry Suit. I bought mine in 2021 and have more than put it through its paces, and there isn't even a single stitch coming apart on it. 

    The Best Compared to the Rest

    There are a number of reasons why I love this dry suit, but above all else has to be its durability. I have slid over rocks, fallen down while traversing debris piles, and just generally beaten this thing up and it has taken every single punch I have thrown at it! Immersion Research prides itself on the quality of their products, and beyond just durability, it is evident in every aspect of the Devil's Club

    Unyielding Durability

    When it comes to venturing into rugged environments, durability is paramount. The Devil's Club Dry Suit, aptly named after a resilient and thorny plant, lives up to its name. Constructed with a three-layer in house proprietary fabric, this dry suit is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, whether it's sliding over rocks in whitewater or navigating through dense underbrush. The reinforced knees and seat areas offer additional protection and ensure long-lasting durability, providing peace of mind in the face of rugged adventures.

    Innovative Design for Optimal Performance

    In addition to its durability and comfort, the Devil's Club Dry Suit boasts several innovative design features that enhance performance. The YKK waterproof entry zipper across the shoulders allows for easy entry, eliminating the struggle of squeezing into your gear. The front relief zipper adds convenience during nature's call, eliminating the need to remove the entire suit. The integrated socks keep your feet dry and comfortable, and the adjustable hook-and-loop cuffs allow for a secure fit around your ankles, preventing water ingress and ensuring a snug seal.

    Immersion Research's Commitment to the Environment

    As outdoor enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to protect the environment we explore. Immersion Research shares this ethos and strives to minimize its ecological impact. The Devil's Club Dry Suit features an environmentally friendly DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating that reduces the use of harmful chemicals while maintaining excellent water resistance. By choosing Immersion Research, you can have peace of mind knowing that your gear is designed with sustainability in mind.


    Rippin' with the squad

    Worth Every Penny

    The Immersion Research Devil's Club Dry Suit is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing adventurers with top-of-the-line gear that combines durability, comfort, and performance.

    Whether you're an outdoor industry professional, an angler that prefers to be in the water rather than on a drift boat, or just one of our extremely gnarly customers that hates feeling wet, give Immersion Research a shot as this dry suit is built to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring you can focus on the thrill of your adventure without worrying about your gear. With its innovative features, comfortable fit, and environmental consciousness, the Devil's Club Dry Suit is an investment that will accompany you on countless memorable journeys into the great outdoors.

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