Kokatat Women's OM Dry Top (GORE-TEX Pro)

Color: Ice
Size: SM
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The Kokatat Women's OM Dry Top is made with the latest GORE-TEX Pro material that makes a lighter, more rugged and durable dry top. The ŌM is Kokatat's most advanced dry top to date. It features a new pattern for improved fit and mobility as well as latex gaskets with neoprene punch through cuffs on the neck and wrists and a self-draining pocket on the left shoulder. The ŌM has a lightweight GORE-TEX Pro inner skirt as part of its adjustable double tunnel waist featuring Ariaprene, a sustainable alternative to neoprene, and provides an infinitely adjustable perfect fit.


  • GORE-TEX Pro fabric
  • Latex neck gaskets with neoprene punch through collar
  • Latex wrist gasket with neoprene punch through cuff
  • Dual-adjustable outer skirt incorporates “hook & loop” compatible Ariaprene
  • Lightweight GORE-TEX Pro inner skirt
  • Self-draining, zippered sleeve pocket with key lanyard

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